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Fun Stuff

Kids' Stories

In May of 2015 and August of 2016, we took a look at a few stories from the Bible that are usually thought of as "kids' stories" and found out that they're not quite what they thought they were. Here are a few fun videos that went along with our "Kids' Stories" series:

Samson and Delilah (2016)

Daniel and the Lions' Den (2016)

Feeding of the 5,000 (2016)

Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man (2016)

Behind the Scenes (2016)

Noah and the Ark (2015)

Jonah and the Big Fish (2015)

David and Goliath (2015)


There's nothing we love celebrating more than when someone goes public with their relationship with Jesus by being baptized.

February 8th 2015

April 12th 2015

August 30th 2015

February 14th 2016

Serving Our Community

As followers of Jesus, we should live out our faith in God by serving others. Here are a few ways we love to do that as a church community:

Serve Morgan 2013

Serve Ogden 2015

James Madison Elementary School Supplies

Veterans Homeless Shelter