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30 Open Roles

Online Host

Online Church Team

Want to volunteer from home? Online Host engage with those who watch Washington Heights Online. You will meet new people and help them meet and follow Jesus.

Graphic Designer

Online Church Team

Are you talented and passionate about graphic design? You can use those skills to help people Meet and Follow Jesus! The Graphic Design team helps create content for various Washington Heights Platforms.

Caption Editor & Gramer Check

Online Church Team

we alll maki mistaces. If this sentence bothers you, then you are a perfect fit for this role! The Caption Editors help create fun and creative captions or verbiage for social media, YouTube, website pages, etc.

Live Stream Operator

Online Church Team

This individual is responsible for starting, monitoring, and ending the Sunday live stream. Volunteer also engages with online audience and Online Hosts.


The Brew Café

Want to make delicious coffee and smoothies? The Brew Café Baristas have tons of fun on Sunday mornings working together to fulfill drink orders.


The Brew Café

The Cashier for the Brew Café takes orders and accepts payments from customers. The Brew Café team and meet new people every Sunday!

Auditorium Host

Guest Services

Helping people meet and follow Jesus by making it easy to quickly find a seat in the auditorium during the Sunday services. Auditorium Hosts work with a team twice a month during one service.

Setup Technician


This person is responsible for setting up and turning on cameras, turning on computers, televisions, and projectors on Sunday mornings.

Camera Operator


Camera Operators will be trained to perform video framing, and how to operate camera controls. This person has very specific shots and moves that are needed in each broadcast. They take cues off director and producer.



A Producer is in charge of service flow.   During broadcast, they give 30 second time cues to what’s coming up (lighting changes, media to be played, graphics to be shown, etc).

Propresenter Operator


Propresenter is the graphic software that shows up on the three screens in the Auditorium. Operators edit or add slides and check with the Producer to make sure all media is inside propresenter and is set to work correctly during the broadcast.  During worship, the Operator’s job is to maintain focus on the Worship Director and switch slides accordingly.  During the message, the Operator  listens to “heads up” cues from the Producer, but then it is their responsibility to put the note up AFTER the speaking Pastor has made his/her cue.



The Director is the person in charge of the control room and broadcast. They must have a good understanding of every position and how each job integrates into the entire production. They are responsible for making sure everything is working correctly.

Switcher Operator


The Switcher is a new role we would like to create.  This person’s responsibility will be acting the Director’s commands and learning how to use and manipulate switcher effects. 

Nursery Helper (0-18 Months)

Kidz Nursery

While there is no teaching involved here there’s lots of love to go around. In the Babies Group, we have boys and girls up to 18 months who are dropped off at the door by their parents. You are there to hold, love, rock or play with them during the service.

Nursery Helper (2 Year Olds)

Kidz Nursery

This group is typically separated by gender and while most of them are not able to fully talk, you are there to guide them through the hour and help them to enjoy their time with us! We have Bible story cartoons for them to watch, songs for them to dance and sing to with you, toys for them to play with, and fun coloring sheets.

Pre-School Helper (4-5 Year Olds)

Kidz Pre-K

This group is typically separated by gender and is SO eager to learn and talk about what they know and what is going on in their lives! You are there to guide them through the hour with the Kindergarten groups in their own area. You start off with free play and then move on to Large Group where the message is taught through a fun dynamic Bible video. Then, you bring them into Small Group and have question, activity and color time!

Friendz (Special Needs Group) Helper

Kidz Friendz

This group is combined genders and ages and is a place for our Friendz with special needs to meet and follow Jesus! You are there to interact with your assigned kid, bring them into Large Group or stay behind with Friendz space to watch the Bible message video, and then interact with them through the end of the hour and work with them to make sure they have heard and know the Big Idea for the week!

Paper Runner

Kidz Ministry

Our check in/out system involves delivering check-out papers to each group when the parents/guardians have checked out their kids. This requires Runners in each area during the last 15-20 minutes of each service.

Guest Check In

Kidz Nursery & Elementary

This position helps up front at the check in computers working with new families to get all of their information and input into the system. There is a lot of person to person interaction, it requires some typing and navigation of the check-in system but is the mostly friendly person to person interaction.

Sound Board Technician

Students Tech

This person would operate in the back to manage the microphones, volumes, videos and some lighting. From the tech booth in the back of the room.

ProPresenter Operator

Students Tech

Edit or add slides as necessary. During worship, job is to maintain focus on Worship Director and switch slides accordingly. During Message, Operator listens to “heads up” cues from Producer, and then it is their responsibility to put the note up AFTER speaking Pastor has made his/her cue.

Audio/Visual Technician

456 Zone Tech

Are you savvy with a computer? Can you change the slides for the speaker? Can you make minor adjustments to a soundboard for the worship team? Are you willing to learn? This is the role for you!


456 Zone Worship Team

Do you play an instrument? Do you sing? We are always in need of more people who have a passion for music and love to serve with their musical talents! 

Check-in Lead

456 Zone

Every Sunday, we have new students in Route 56 and we need people who can help inpact new families into the database and make them feel welcome to Route 56


Young Adults

Walking into a new church can be intimidating. We need people who can welcome new young adults to WHC, invite them to the young adult sitting area and inform them about upcoming events.

Auditorium Host

Young Adults

Every Sunday the young adults sit together in the auditorium! We need people who can invite new or current young adults to the area we sit in. They will also work with small group leaders to get new or current young adults plugged into a small group.

Event Volunteers

Young Adults

We have big plans in store for young adults! We need help planning and executing our events! If you like to organize, brainstorm, or even help set up for events, this is the role for you!