Read Letter From Pastor Roy

Washington Heights Family, It is amazing what God has done through you over the years! Our church began almost 70 years ago with 22 founding families who had a dream to reach people in northern Utah with the grace found only in the Jesus of the Bible. Today, 2,000 people gather to worship the Jesus of the Bible on our campus every week. Many more join us online each Sunday. Thousands have placed saving faith in Jesus, many are growing in their faith, and serving in Jesus’ name happens across our area and around the world. The sun never sets on what God is doing through the ministry of WHC!

Washington Heights Church is not a building or an organization. Our church is a movement of people who seek to help people meet and follow Jesus.

In 2023, we are launching the largest Love Gives initiative ever. In recent years, we sought to serve locally or internationally during the holiday season from Thanksgiving through Christmas. This year, we are giving away more than ever and we are creating more room for God to change lives by His grace, love, and power. God is at work in great ways and the potential for us to join Him in what He’s doing here and abroad is astounding! If we can complete the goals outlined here, our church will be poised to do even more locally, globally, and on our campus.

Please pray about your part in this initiative. Washington Heights stands at its current place due to the sacrifice and service of those who came before us and those who give and serve now. “Love Leaves a Legacy” is our opportunity to make an impact now that will last for decades to come. This initiative is an investment in eternity. Every number on the following pages represents individual lives that will be changed by our investment – marriages saved, addicts set free, skeptics come to faith, children influencing schools, new churches started, and on and on.

Let’s do it! Let’s join God in what He’s doing close to home and around the world.

~Roy Gruber, Lead Pastor