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Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-Centered 12 step recovery program. The primary focus is on bringing hope to those looking for healing from past hurts, poor habits that have been developed, or issues that cause any kind of hang-up in your life. These struggles can include: addiction issues, anger issues, resentment, sexual/relationship issues, codependency, eating disorders, childhood abuse/trauma, etc.

Celebrate Recovery is first and foremost a safe place. It’s a place to become transparent and let your guard down, where you will not be judged but supported, cheered for, and encouraged to keep coming back to journey toward healing. It’s a place where you’ll be surrounded by other people on a similar journey, and together find healing though the power of God’s Word and through a community of support.


Celebration Place

Celebration Place is a Christ-centered program that is designed specifically for kids in 1st-6th grade. It is modeled after the Celebrate Recovery program for adults, but in an environment and manner that is structured specifically for their age group. It is a safe place for kids to feel inspired with hope, joy, and God’s love. It takes place every Tuesday night from 6:30-8:30. Kids get a free meal followed by free time, large group, small groups, and more free time.

The Landing

The Landing is a Christ-centered 12 step recovery program that is designed specifically for Middle and High school students Modeled after, the Celebrate Recovery Program for adults, the primary focus of The Landing is to offer hope to students struggling with life’s hurts, habits, and hang-ups and equip them to deal with those things in a God-honoring way. These struggles can include addiction issues, anger issues, anxiety, depression, self harm, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, childhood abuse/trauma, etc. We all struggle with something whatever that is for you, The Landing is a place for growth and healing.

The Landing is first and foremost a safe place. Its a place to be vulnerable and let your guard down, where you won’t be judged, but will instead be encouraged and cheered for on your journey towards healing and recovery. It’s a place where you’ll be surrounded by your peers on a similar journey, and together, you will find healing through God’s Word and build a long tasting community of support.

We also are partnered with a Counseling Center. The center is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone. Learn More.

We also provide love and support to those who are struggling with life’s challenges. If you need assistance please reach out. Learn More.