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Ukraine Support

How Are We Supporting Ukraine?

As a church and community we have decided to support Ukraine by raising funds to provide food and supplies. We are continuing to accept donations of medical supplies which a Washington Heights Church mission team will be delivering. We are also hosting a 5k to raise awarness and funds to help fight sex trafficing and support reffugees in Ukraine. The registation is now open for the Ukraine 5k.

Food And Medical Support For Ukraine

After Pastor Roy traveled to Poland to gather information on how we can better support the refugees, we learned they needed food and medical supplies. Thanks to our wonderful congregation and support, together we have raised over $100,000! This money will go towards purchasing pallets of food and medical supplies for Ukraine. We are still collecting donations of medical supplies for one of our mission teams traveling to Poland May 20th-24th.

Ukraine 5k Run/Walk

With an estimation of over 5 million, majority being women and children, who fled Ukraine many are vulnerable and become victims to the sex traffic industry.  We are partnering with Love Justice International who provides monitoring stations on the borders of Moldova and Romania to prevent such horrific crimes.

Currently, There are nine transit monitors total stationed in Romania and Moldova. In addition, volunteers have been trained to partner with our staff in order to better monitor the number of refugees coming across the border in need of assistance. There are also many other humanitarian volunteers who have partnered with us looking for signs of trafficking and connecting our monitors to potential victims.

Join us on June 4th @ 5pm as we bring awareness and raise funds to fight human trafficking.  All proceeds will go to Love Justice International.  Hope to see you!!!

The Ukraine 5k will be located at Washington Heights Church in Ogden, Utah.

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